Folger's Flash 72

A multi-fandom incest flash exchange.
✮Sign-Ups open September 2nd, Eastern Standard Time✮


✮What is a flash exchange?
A flash exchange is a short form exchange run over a weekend period, with low minimum requirements to accommodate the time frame.
✮Who can participate?
As this event covers sensitive topics, we are limiting sign-up to 18+ only. Other than that, anyone is free to join in the fun!
✮What fandoms will the event include?
Any fandom, so long as it in nominated during the nomination period! So make sure to submit fandoms you'd like to create and receive a gift for.
✮How do I nominate tags?
Tag nominations allow you to submit the ships you would like to see in the exchange! Nominations are done through a simple form on AO3. For more detailed instructions, check out this fantastic tutorial.
We will be using the previous tag set, view it here
✮Where can I sign up?
The exchange will take place on Ao3. Once it is time to sign up we will share the link! In the meantime you can think of the tags you would like to nominate.
✮Can I sign up anonymously?
No, sign ups are public. While it is possible to submit your final work to the anonymous collection, the account that sign up will be listed publicly on the ao3 event sign ups.
If you don't want to sign up using your main, we recommend creating an alternate ao3 account.
✮What if I'm an artist?
Artists are welcome too! Your work will need to be posted on ao3 to fulfil your exchange. If you have never added images to an ao3 post, please follow this easy tutorial
✮What are the minimum requirements?
Fanfic works minimum is 300 words, with a suggested maximum of 1200 words.
Fanart minimum is a lined sketch, with a suggested maximum of flat colors or shading.
✮Can I go over the suggested maximum?
Works are allowed to exceed the suggested maximum requirements at the creator's discretion.
✮Do you allow dead dove content?
Yes, of course! As long as all work is clearly and correctly tagged.
✮What counts as incest?
"Incest" includes the romantic and/or sexual relationships between fictional family members and close blood relatives, however for this event we will also accept step/adopted family members and Incest AU's - feel free to spice up your favorite ships by making them related! Childhood friends and found family will not be considered "incest" for this event except as part of an Incest AU.
✮What timezone does the event operate in?
The event will be in Eastern Time (GMT-5), we plan to give detailed countdowns that include times for your convenience.
✮Why is it called ‘Folgers Flash 72’? Who is Folger?
Folger's in the name of a brand of coffee sold in the US, who famously released a very incest coded commercial in 2009.
✮What if I have more questions?
Simply send a DM to the exchange twitter account, the mod team are more than happy to help!


This is an 18+ profic event!
We believe that fictional incest between fictional characters is harmless and encourage those uncomfortable with the subject to protect themselves, block and move on.
✮All content is welcome, so long as it is correctly and clearly tagged. Due to the sensitive nature of the theme of the exchange, celebrity and RPF will not be permitted.✮As this is a fandom event, works must be from an existing fandom. This means we will allow slash reader or original characters to be included, but not original works.✮Creations may be SFW or NSFW, explicit content isn't required, the only requirement is that your request and the works you create feature an incest ship as the main pairing.✮As this is a flash event with a short creation period, the minimum requirement for fanfic works is 300 words, with a suggested maximum of 1200 words.
The minimum requirement for fanart works is a lined sketch, with a suggested maximum of flat colors or shading.
Works are allowed to exceed the suggested maximum requirements at the creator's discretion.
AI generated work is strictly prohibited.SIGNING UP✮Your request MUST include a DNW list so that we can facilitate matching.
✮Given the time frame we suggest keeping your prompts short and simple. Do you prefer Canon or AU? Do you enjoy angst, fluff, or somewhere in between? Do you prefer your ships with a certain dynamic? What are your favorite tropes (only one bed, fake dating, wrong number, tinder hookup, etc.)?
✮Requests must be romantic pairings. (This means they must have the "/" tag, NOT the "&" tag.)
✮We recommend requesting and offer a pairing (or pairings) for 3 separate fandoms to ensure a match, as unmatchable sign up will be deleted.
✮Due to the short length of the creation period, there will be no pinch hitters for this event, however treats are always welcome and all request will be visible after assignments go out.
✮Use the hashtag #folgersflash72 on Twitter when works are revealed to share and enjoy the exchange works.✮


✮Nomination period - August 30, 31 & September 1
✮Sign-ups - September 2, 3, 4
✮Matching - September 5
✮Assignments sent out - September 6
✮Creation period - September 6, 7, 8
✮Gifts due - midnight September 8
✮Anonymous reveals - September 9, 10, 11
✮Creator reveals - September 12


Mod Apa has dabbled in all sorts of incest pairings over the years but finds themselves drawn to siblings the most often. Miyacest, Batfamily (pseudo-incest goodness), and Daemyra are a few favourites!

Mod Dean is always a sucker for some pretty codependant twins and the angst of forbidden love. His top ships include Miyacest, Plantcest, JotaJosu and KomoSaku.



✮Follow the event on Twitter for updates @folgersflash72.✮Make sure your favourite canon or AU incest pair is included by nominating tags here between August 30 and September 1.✮To take part, sign up here between September 2 and 4.✮Miss the first Folger's Flash? View the prompts here if you'd like to make a treat.